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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Double Take

How often do you get to read a bit like this in the news:

After a lengthy fight in the Capitol and with residents on the coast, a public-private partnership to remake state-owned Jekyll Island has backed away from plans to place hotels and condos on a massive parking lot that for decades has given Georgia vacationers access to a popular beach.

Instead, the acreage will be changed to include a park and an environmental conservation center, the latter originally planned for elsewhere on the island. The condos and hotels will be relocated.

That last paragraph is the one that really makes my head spin.

Via this Kos diarist, whose work on this issue I began following recently.

Update: Here is the link to her primary blog.

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This Jekyll development issue (as descrivbed on the diarist on the Daily Kos)is taking on national proportions since John McCain selected Jekyll developer Mercer Reynolds as his campaign finance chair. Reynolds' ties to Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, who is rumored to be a VP candidate for McCain or slated for a top Cabinet post, are widely suspected to have played a role in the selection of Linger Longer Communities (owned by the Reynolds family) as the winner in the bid contest over what is estimated to be over two-billion dollars worth of private development heading toward Jekyll Island State Park in the near future. Park defenders, who have managed to slow the project with the help of legislators responding to public opinion, are determined to halt the comercialization of the barrier island state park, no matter how much politcal influence the Reynolds family might have.

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