Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Friday, April 04, 2008

Support for the animal superiority crowd

From my favorite [not-really a] misanthrope, Tony, a funny.

And then from Mike, a stark contrast to the former.

We're headed back to Portland this weekend to see friends and investigate renting out the House That Will Not Sell. Internet will be scarce.

I know I owe several of you e-mails. I apologize for the deafening silence -- things have been a wee bit crazed around here, mostly thanks to animals, children and the persistent expectations of my colleagues that I actually perform legal work. I would infinitely prefer to be communicating with you all, but alas, one must eat.

See you next week.


Anonymous said...

Have a good weekend Mrs T.

Did I tell ya I moved? It's not Oregon but I'm right across the street from a much cleaner beach! No more cigarette butts mixed in with the sand. I can't tell ya how gross that is. Who want's to make sand castles? ANyway this beach is a lot nicer and better kept. It's not the ocean but the water still meets the horizon since this lake, you know is pretty big. I also live across the street from the Jetsons building! Well that's what I call it. I don't know how much you like building photos but it looks more interesting in person. I have enclosed two links. I dunno why I like that building. Condos start at $195 thousand. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

God bless America, And everyone else.

Copy and paste this in parts I guess


Trailhead said...

Condos start at 195k??? In Chicago??? Are they three square feet? That seems like a steal.

I like Lake Michigan. Glad you're so near a cleaner beach.