Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Monday, March 31, 2008


I've been perusing this today. Read the stories of the individual turtles - they're fascinating, but sometimes sad.

And you'll find a familiar villain in some of the hatchling deaths.



kris said...

Wow -that was interesting. Imagine how many turtles aren't being found. But cool that there's a place like this to help the ones that are.

I'm going to read the Raising Cain book - kind of scared to see how badly I screwed up my two sons - but maybe I can redeem myself with my grandson??

I am chuckling about the candlelit dinner - your comments are very entertaining. :) And congrats on your new family member - I'm sure Alaska ate your duvet as a way to say "thanks,guys!"

Anonymous said...

I wish they wouldn't sell turtles so easily. People get them at the pet stores when they're little and cute and then they get big and they don't want to take care of them. Ever watch that Animal 911 where someone has a big turtle in a dirty cooler and the thing is wedged in head to toe.

Then again you have Molly, My friend bought her for her son and she just turtles around the house!


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