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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Well, at least it wasn't black this time

What? Me vomit?

I was lying down in the living room in front of the fire when Thomas trotted over, plopped down, and promptly barfed two inches from my left shoulder.

This has left me quite speechless.


Kristy said...

A sweet and loving gesture by a puppy wanting to share! You are so blessed!

tony said...

Man, so sorry I missed that!

Trailhead said...

Yeah, I'll bet you are.

Lewis said...

Nothing like Thanksgiving leftovers.

Anonymous said...

My cat pukes EVERY time in the car. I think he gets motion sickness. If he has to barf at home he stands high up in the air on a piece of furnature and Blah! all over the floor.

Rascal my late ferret use to not vomit but gag every time I took him down the hallway out of my building. I think it was psycho somatic because he was fine up until we left that door! The second he did he would paw at his mouth and gag. I mean the second we left.He was afraid of the vet.


Trailhead said...

At least your pets' barfing had some discernible cause. Thomas will just, out of nowhere and with little fanfare, blat something disgusting onto the floor. He was never a puker till recently. I'd discuss it with the vet if it wasn't utterly normal yet disgusting canine behavior.