Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Monday, November 26, 2007

Your post-Thanksgiving, Monday morning dose of nature

From jlb over at Arboreality, go watch this video if you have a few extra minutes. (I didn't want to embed it due to the copyright notice on it.)

Try not to lose heart when the juvenile buffalo is attacked -- nothing about this video is predictable.


tony said...

Wow. That was amazing... I could not take my eyes off it!
Sometimes the underdog does win!

Lewis said...

I can't believe fact, I almost turned it off....because of you know what. I love the circle, the life within the buffalo, the MANY things that took place in this short clip. Man,this world is complicated.

Trailhead said...

I know. I almost stopped watching as well. I love nature, but some of it is too much for me. And the paradox: now the lion has to go hungry. Do we feel equally sorry for it? Complicated indeed.

JLB said...

I was equally torn as I watched - a friend sent me the link for this video, and each time I thought it couldn't get more outrageous, things went to the next level. Glad you enjoyed it TH. :)

Kristy said...

That is pretty amazing footage. Almost makes you feel bad for the lions. Withou Marlin Perkins, I'm never sure who to root for in these situations.

Anonymous said...

Did yo look at the other Videos? Look at Python swallows little boy! It shows up after you click on the link Anaconda and White boy then off to the left you will see it. I hope that is not real and if it was why were they letting this little kid bounce around on a giant dangerous snake!

sometimes animals have more sence than we do

The little or big Buffaluffalos were cute. But I like big kitties too