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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Late as usual

It's late afternoon, and the turkey's in the oven. It's been a rather disorganized holiday, which is fine with me. Dinner is pretty late this year, because the grocery store got fresh Dungeness crab in yesterday and we decided to have crab cakes at the last minute for dinner last night. That's a fairly complicated process that pushed the dessert making off till this morning, which pushed everything else back as well. Eh, who cares. It's just me, Mr. T, Tony and The Kid. And all The Kid wants to eat is pumpkin bread anyway.

Time for a spell in the PornoHotTub.

There is absolutely no traffic on this blog today, but I'll ask anyway. How's everyone's Thanksgiving?


Rose said...

Hi TH,

The bird is just finishing up in the oven and Astrid is in bed. Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner with the hubby. Just our nuclear family this year.

The most relaxing, family drama free, Thanksgiving I've ever had! (Other than U. being annoyed at me for blogging on Thanksgiving - while he was bathing the kid I might add.)

Hope you and yours have a good one as well! (And that TK eats something other than pumpkin bread for dinner.)

Trailhead said...

Hi Rose!

We just finished, and -- urf. There's still the apple-huckleberry pie that I made this morning. We're all uncomfortable.

TK ate two pieces of my homemade challah bread, two tiny bites of mashed potatoes, and approximately one spoonful of cranberry sauce. He's in a phase where he hates everything, basically. He will announce in exactly fifteen minutes that he's hungry.

Kristy said...

PornoHotTub? Montana's more advanced than when last I visited...

Trailhead said...

Yeah, well.

This place was built in the late 1970s and the hot tub is situated in the cedar solarium.

And I'm sure you can guess why I combine all the words into one. Those are googlers I don't particularly want.

Lewis said...

We should have had you guys could have skipped the disorganized day.....but you wouldn't have gotten the PORNO Hot tub....sorry......

Trailhead said...

Thanks Lewis, now a bunch of pervy straight men are gonna descend on this place.

Anonymous said...

Dungeness crab cakes?

Daaaaaaaaaaaaang I shoulda came by your place for Turkey Day. I'm not too crazy about turkey. I think it tastes like sawdust. But that's just me. I'd be all into a Thanksgiving crab cake! You can shape them like Turkies!

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