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Friday, March 23, 2007

That time of year again

The trilliums are back.

At least, they're back in the Willamette Valley. I'll be seeing them at higher elevations until mid-May, but they arrive first down here. I love them. I spent about an hour photographing them in the late afternoon the other day, and hope to scrape up enough time again before they go. But as you can see above, I have a few from last year.

Don't ever pick a trillium. Once picked, it takes years to recover. I've heard rumblings that it's illegal to pick them in many places, including Oregon, but I've not confirmed that yet. At Tryon Creek State Park, where I do most of my trillium-wallowing, there are signs everywhere this time of year letting people know not to pick them, and why. But yet, every year, I'll be wandering some trail with a photo pack on my back and I'll come across someone with a big bouquet of trilliums.

Great. That's a big bouquet we won't be seeing on the ground next year, or likely several years after that. I think they might need bigger signs.


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Trilliums!!!! They're my favorite flower.

I have never seen any in the Bend area but believe it or not, my in-laws have a few growing in their yard in Camp Sherman. Just a little wetter and higher over there.

I have a lot of family and friends in Portland and have been sticking my fingers in my ears to drown out their exclamations of how gorgeous it is there. La la la. La la la.

Trailhead said...

I like the prairie trilliums that appear in the eastern U.S., too.

I wouldn't dream of mentioning how lovely it is here right now. I suppose I shouldn't mention the rhododendron across the street in full flower, either. :)

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Today we had our first day of rain in a month.

: )

Trailhead said...

You win!

JLB said...

Oh JOY of joys! :D

Trailhead said...

Hello again, fellow trilliophile! Glad to see you back around.

Rurality said...

My favorite wildflowers too. I'm a trilliumaholic. :) I'm not so familiar with the western ones though.

Maybe some signs listing lashing as a punishment for trillium-picking...?

Trailhead said...

You know, that's one adorable pup you have in your avatar.

As for the lashing, I'd just settle for making them sit and listen to me lecture them on the evils of trillium treachery.

kris said...

That is a gorgeous photo! We'll have trillium showing up in Minnesota - s-o-m-e-t-i-m-e - lol. Another wildflower I love are the lady slippers - do you have them in the NW?