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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Friendship star

This is my first quilt block. Well, not really. I did four nine-patch blocks as practice today, and I've made two crazy-quilt blocks. This one needs to be pressed, but I was having such fun that I snatched it up and photographed it before I could do much else with it.

With each passing year I'm more captivated by color, design and texture. I can't draw or sculpt or anything of that nature, so I work with fabric, yarn, cross-stitch floss and a camera to feed the impulses in my brain telling me to arrange elements and put this color with that.

When it comes to fabric, I particularly like to work with flannel, which I used on this block.

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robert swayze said...

Hey thats pretty cool...I guess one of the most exlusive stuffs u can create as a friendship memo...good one..keep it up...check out my blog too for some real wishes :)