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Friday, March 16, 2007

The link herd stampedes over the plains and back to the mountains

My mother is still on a dial-up internet connection, for crying out loud. This is mostly because she's the kind of person who cannot be told anything by anyone else, and so the many voices singing in praise of high speed internet are enough, all by themselves, to cause her to cling to her dial-up like the stench of corruption to the Bush administration.

Because this sorry state of affairs is coupled with an aging computer, it seems to take whole days for pages to load on her machine. (Mom actually plays computer euchre while she waits.) The upshot of this is that when I go back to Indy, I drop out of the online world almost entirely for the duration. I have wireless internet at my office, but I'm usually working when I'm there, or pretending to.

So it feels odd to be back, but here I am. Linkies:

I absolutely love this. Artists have crocheted a woolen reef. It's riveting.

Just what my household needs: carbon offsets for dog farts. Silly me - and here I just bought one for my air travel. Knowing my hound, I should probably buy two.

Two words I bet you've never seen together: feral camels.

Let me know if I've missed anything good.

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