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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cryptic snippet of the day: TerraPass edition

up on the airplane nearer my god to thee i start making a deal inspired by gravity if i did wrong i won't do it again i can be sweet and good and nice and if i had enemies they're friends i hold onto my life with the grip of a vice...

--Indigo Girls, Airplane

I'm leaving Tuesday morning for a trip back to the flatlands to attend to work, see family and friends, and eat at favorite restaurants. I may do a bit of hiking, which will be nice because very few people do much of that in March back there.

In case you're wondering, I purchased carbon offsets this morning for 9,500 pounds of carbon dioxide from TerraPass. (The offset I purchased covered 7,500 lbs., but I got an extra 2,000 lbs. for foregoing the cute little luggage tag.) The flight back east releases a little less than 3,000 lbs. for both me and my son. So I have a little leeway there.

(I might do a post on carbon offsets soon, but I can't imagine it would be any better than the one at Real Climate that I discussed in this post.)

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