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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

That's not good

That seems to be the universal response when I tell people about this:

Fortunately, we have a fenced yard. So the biggest problem with this is that when I ask the The Kid to let the dogs out, he now replies that he is busy, and I should tell Thomas to do it.

And yes, yes that is dog snot on my door. We have that in abundance.


Anonymous said...

That's too funny. It's amazing how smart animals really are!


now too bad you can't teach Thomas to have coffee ready in the moring

Trailhead said...

now too bad you can't teach Thomas to have coffee ready in the moring

Toots, if only.

When I was in law school, our next door neighbor had trained his small dog to get into the refrigerator and fetch a beer. He had a dish towel attached to the handle that the dog pulled, and the beers on the lowest shelf.

But Thomas would just drink the beer himself.

Anonymous said...

My CAT likes beer too!

If I have a beer and he knows he has to bother me to lick the top. I dunno. Rascal my late ferret had a thing for red wine. I would always warn my friend when she sat her glass on the floor and sure enough guess whos's snout was in there drinking it in like 2 seconds!

Tony said...

What a SMART Doofus! I sure like that dawg...

Dog door? Who needs a dog door!

Anonymous said...

Now Thomas is my kind of dog! It saves you how many steps in the course of the day? I'm with the first poster...having the morning coffee ready would be awesome!!

Casey said...

Hide your car keys.