Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday morning

Though right now the sky is blue, sunny and cheery, and my grass green, the weatherheads insist there will be six inches of snow on the ground by midnight, thereby placing me in the unusual position of looking forward to Indianapolis for its superior weather. This winter has been wearying in its relentlessness. Fortunately, everyone's talking about how unusual it is.

The problem I've been thinking on for about a week:

I want a goat. Thing is, right now we don't have a proper place for one, and even when we get one, we go back and forth between here and Montana too much. Sure, I could pack it up in the truck like the dogs, but we already have three of those and so I don't think there would be room for a goat as well. This has led me to wonder whether anyone in either area would be interested in sharing custody of a goat. Eventually I may have to put this to the craigslist readership.

I just realized this will all come as a big surprise to Mr. T should he read this in China.

But it probably shouldn't.

It's time for us to move from this vinyl village anyway. This morning I let the dogs out and returned to find them huddled near the back fence, scarfing something down. Turns out my neighbor discarded his (mostly eaten) roasted chicken carcass over my fence. Thanks, asshole. I'll send my dogs over to your driveway when they get diarrhea.

I clearly don't belong in a civilized neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

I Love Goats!

Baby goats are so friendly but they really do eat everything! Like Jackets and stuff.

May I ask you a question? I'm going to Oregon in July and my goal is to see those Giant rock formations that stick stories out of the water and big cliffs like in those pics I showed you before? So I wanna see BIG rocks, Tall cliffs, Lighthouses on tall cliffs, the ocean obviously and just amazing scenery. I don't know if I should fly into Portland and drive down? Or fly into Eugene and drive around? Where are the big cliffs? Southern or Northern OR? Probably will stop for seafood too. Maybe the Aquarium? Or sea lion caves? Any unsusual beauty


Trailhead said...

My suggestions:

Fly into Portland and drive down. Go over to Cannon Beach, where you will find Haystack Rock and assorted rocklets. I took this photograph from Ecola State Park, which has lots of elk and looks out over Cannon Beach. At low tide, browse tide pools near Haystack Rock. If you go to Hug Point and walk on the beach at low tide, you'll find a waterfall right on the beach that feeds into the ocean. That's kind of cool.

Drive south from there. If you like cheese/dairy/ice cream, stop briefly in Tillamook at the cheese factory. If not, go to Cape Meares near Tillamook. Rock formations there.

Continue to Lincoln City, which is, for the Oregon coast, a bustling metropolis. There's food there, including a Moe's, which is sort of an Oregon coast institution, and has good clam chowder. I can't really speak for the rest of the food. There's also one near Cannon Beach. And that's one thing about the Oregon coast that kind of flummoxed me - I never really was able to find really excellent food. It could be that I just had bad luck, but if you find a really good restaurant, PLEASE let me know. Though I do like The Lumberyard in Cannon Beach, mainly because they have free-range chicken.

Continue south, stopping in Depoe Bay to eat or watch the tide crashing against the cliffs. There are whale watching tours in Depoe Bay. My recollection is that I've been told that the one on the east side of the road, in the little harbor across from the state park whale info center, is the best one. But I don't have personal experience with either.

There's also the Yaquina lighthouse near Depoe Bay. Also, Otter Rock is between Depoe Bay and Newport and is pretty cool.

South of Lincoln City is Newport, where the aquarium is. That's where I took the sea otter picture that graced my front page for so long. Neat stuff at the aquarium.

South of that even farther is Oregon Dunes. I haven't been farther south than the Dunes.

Here is a page listing various places to find tide pools. Seriously, don't miss the tide pools. There's all kinds of life in there -- sea stars, anemones, you name it.

Also, always watch the water for seals. They're everywhere, and cute. My nephew convinced my son when he was about three that they were called "water doggies" and now that's what the Kid calls them.

Commenter Tony, who's a native Oregonian, may have something to add, but he's in China right now so his participation may be sketchy.

When in July are you going?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the thougthfull responce. I've printed it out so I can look each thing up online. I think I'm going the week after the 4th of July. They gave me that week off. How hot does it get? I wonder what to wear. Chicago gets hot and muggy.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear...I've raised goats. Had 42 of them. You don't want a goat. I don't want a goat.

Trailhead said...

Toots, it doesn't get really hot on the coast, ever. I think 86 is the all-time record, and it's hard to imagine that. There can be 40 degrees difference between the valley and the coast. Once a couple of summers ago it was 105 in Portland, and I checked the weather on the coast, and it was 68. Bring a light jacket, because it can get cool after dark.

Jeannie, I think you should write a post about your goat experiences.
And -- 42 goats? I just want one. :)

Anonymous said...

I might do that some time. Just thinking about it all makes me tired. :) I will add this note, don't get just one goat IF you get one--get 2. They are herd animals and would be so lonesome without a friend. Pygmy goats are so darn cute but terribly ornery. And also, goats would rather browse on shrubs and trees than grass if given the choice. They are very much like deer. Then there's vaccinations, worming, hoof trimming, feed and water, shelter...oh oh oh!! And they are good fence jumpers...

For some reason I keep thinking of the word desperado...that will be my new name for you if you become a goat lady! ha ha

Trailhead said...

It's a whim, of course. I've been reading about Jon Katz's "jeering gallery" as he calls them, and I want one of my own. I would make sure I had a thorough understanding of goat care and maintenance before I got one -- or two, now. :)

Don't even get me started on alpacas.

Anonymous said...

We should have been pioneer women with an attitude...LOL! them! I love goats too, just don't want any. :) I need to read your book!

Anonymous said...

Hi Trailhead,

Thanks for all the info. I have looked everything up on your post. So I may just fly into Portland, rent a car, and drive around. Everyone at work thinks I'm weird. "Why are you going to Oregon?"

Me: to see BIG Rocks and cliffs!

"OK? What about Like Las Vegas or someplace fun?"

OK Sorry but blinding florescent lighting and big crowds just don't seem exciting to me. If I don't see a whole lot of people that's OK too. Your talking to a girl who went to San Francisco for the main reason of seeing the ocean and Sea Lions. The people were cool too though. Lots of Hippies including some guy named Dead Man who stated he lived in that giant park. Saw him smoking sumthin wink wink at the bus stop

But I’m totally looking forward to Oregon. Again I’m not the type of person who goes on vacation to go shopping and meet people. Give me the animals and the scenery. Can’t wait to see those GIANT CLIFFS!

and a couple of light houses too! Ours are so tiny here in Chi town. Their just like these little towers big enough for one person maybe. The body of it is like the size of an outhouse.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say, Why are all the flights to PDX like $500? WOW! Unless I wanted to stop in Phili! That's about a 9 hour flight


Trailhead said...

Hmm Toots, I don't know why flights are so spendy, unless you're looking at a holiday week. That seems unusual, especially so far in advance.

Anonymous said...

I think it's due to July, maybe peak season for Oregon? I know hotels had different rates and July was the most expensive. Still debating on Oregon or Maine coast. I trust Oregon gets all the seasons? Winter? Lots of snow? Maybe fall would be better? Don't know yet. Thanks again for the info


Trailhead said...

Western Oregon has two seasons: 1) hot and sunny from July-September and 2) rain. The coastal seasons are slightly altered:
1)sunny/occasionally misty and balmy July-September and 2)rain.

So, yeah, you may be right about the prime season thing.

Anonymous said...

So maybey I'll save a little money and bring an umbrella ;-)

I alwasy say Chicago has two seasons, Winter and construction. But the truth is we only get a fall and spring for like 2 days


Trailhead said...

Nah, you should come in summer. Very early September would be really good too. The number of travelers is way down because school has already started, and yet the weather is still beautiful. Hotels are cheaper and beaches are less crowded. But definitely come in the summertime. At least for the first time.