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Monday, April 21, 2008

Sometimes I forget I live in Northern Idaho

This afternoon:

Doorbell rings. I answer. There's a woman with a three-ring binder standing there.

Woman: I'm not selling anything -- I live in the neighborhood and I just wanted to encourage you to vote in the primary on May 22.

Me with a quizzical look: But...Idaho held a caucus in February.

Woman, with even more quizzical look for just a second: Oh yeah. But that was the Democrats.

Me, finally understanding: Yep. I'm a Democrat.

Woman, looking as if she's just discovered a new and interesting species of insect: Ohhhh, okay.

Me: Probably the only one in the neighborhood, eh?

Woman: No, there's one other guy. He lives over there. [Points behind her.]



Anonymous said...

You know some republicans are so aggressive sometimes! I remember for a teensy weensy time I had my own company and I was sitting at some neighborhood chamber meetings and I met this older woman from Austria. She was super cool and funny. She was complaining about how for this dinner they gave us hamburgers. She was like “I can have Hamburger at home!” Anywayz I asked her, mind you only her, and we were sitting at our own table what she thought of Govenator Arnold and she says “OH! I don’t like him” and before I even got a chance to find out her opinion, because it was her opinion as an Austrian, what she thought of him, this guy (kinda even looked like Dick Cheney) turns around and starts shouting “I Like him and I like the political party he stands for!” then he was asking me what my problem was with our wonderful regime and I didn’t even know where to begin so I blew it off. But dang!


Danger Panda said...

First Nations, on her blog, wrote a blue-ribbon simile a couple of weeks ago:

"Coffee as black as the heart of a life-long Republican."

Made my day!

Yeah, Northern Idaho--I think I'd be a little scared if I were in your shoes.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! Our area is largely republican (and rich!) until Obama came along, and now for the time being at least Dems rule. I've always been the odd one out so it doesn't bother me much. That includes not being rich! LOL

Trailhead said...

neighborhood chamber meetings

I'm going to go ahead and say that was your problem right there, Toots!

"Coffee as black as the heart of a life-long Republican."

I'm so stealing that.

Our area is largely republican (and rich!) until Obama came along, and now for the time being at least Dems rule.

Wow. Does Obama have heavy crossover appeal in your area, then?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that for here but the Dems were coming out of hiding...tremendous support for Obama which I thought was amazing considering how dominate the Republicans are here. It's a strange mix. Old hippies and millionaires then the rest of us! :)

Lewis said...

I'd be your neighbor and friend if I lived in CDA. I swear. I could be "the other guy."

Anonymous said...

Have you guys ever checked out these sites


it's not for the easily offended.



Trailhead said...

I had previously seen the landover baptist site but not the betty bowers site yet. Funny.

Rose said...

Maybe you should introduce yourself to the guy who lives behind you - the other democrat - evidently you've got something in common - and something to laugh about now.


Casey said...

I'm betting there are more of you Dems out there just waiting to discover each other. At least you know there's another one nearby now.