Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What we did Sunday or, Why the long face?

How many times have I driven around the back corners of northwest Montana, keeping my eyes open for a moose? And then in the last month I've seen three, all in fairly well-traveled
areas of Idaho. The first was along the highway south of Bonners Ferry about three weeks ago. The other two we saw today, a cow and her yearling, pictured above. They were munching on some plants just off the side of the road, near the Spokane River in Post Falls. Next to a house.

(Out of about 150 shots, I got one worth keeping. The ones above aren't sharp enough, and the snow is overexposed.)


Professor Prenkert said...

Yes, but the question is whether Mr. T then bought you the moose for Valentines Day. If not, are you sure he loves you?

Trailhead said...

Nah, he bought it for Christmoose.

Danger Panda said...

I'm sorry, but they're just scary. I spent a few days in Jasper, Alberta several years back, and those things roamed right through the middle of town, day and night. If you were in a car, you had to dodge them. If you weren't in a car, you'd better find a car to get into so that it would be a fair fight.

Anonymous said...

Moose on the Loose


Trailhead said...

Kristy, this one just radiated that sense of "I Am The Antithesis of Danger Because I Just Want to Sit Here and Eat My Dead Leaves."

I know they can be dangerous if they decide you're a threat, but this one was the Forrest Gump of ungulates.

But I still stayed in the car. I've seen too many idiots in Glacier and Yellowstone who think its a grand idea to get really close to bighorns and buffalo and other large animals. I got into a real lather last year at Glacier because some extravagantly stupid family had their young children feeding a bighorn ram. Dumbasses.

JLB said...

That is the coolest TH! No moose in Philly.

Trailhead said...

Hey, I'm here to serve all your moose-related needs!

I wonder how far into the mountains you'd need to travel in PA to see these guys.

kris said...

I've never seen a moose in person, but the Strib had some photos of one the other day. Those things are HUGE!!!! I think your photos are great - thanks for sharing!