Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stock photography

As you can see, I've just put up a thingie displaying some of the photographs I've placed with my stock agency. The "buy this image" button is prominently displayed, but please note I am not intending to hawk my photography to my regular readers. Stock photography is generally purchased by more commercially oriented outfits anyway.

The purpose of the thingamabob is twofold: 1) to remind me to get my butt out and shoot and 2) occasionally purchasers of stock photography will trawl the web looking for certain images. I don't usually post the better high-res stuff here (I need to get a watermark going so I'm more comfortable doing that), so if you are interested in what I'm shooting, feel free to click through and take a look. And if not, you're quite free to stay here and read my scintillating thoughts about moose, otters and my occasional existential crises.


Anonymous said...

You sell to Stock Photography? Get out of Town and take a bus! I LOVE stock. I had just STACKS of Stock photo books but you know moving, then you decide between the books you like and the books you really like and the rest gets donated. Ive still got a Tony Stone images I believe. I also had some of those, like Stock, but instead you can look through them to hire an illustrator. Those were FAB too! I had one that came, two set in a hardbound cloth binder. I forgot where I got them. But those are gone too.

But congrads! No Kidding good deal!


Anonymous said...

I love your dog 1st of all, and I love the I dunno Lamas? kissing the other ones ear. Love the others too but those were my fav


Trailhead said...

I'm a newbie to the game, Toots, and my stock is still embarassingly small. I fit more into the category of "aspiring semi-professional photographer" for now.

You're close -- they're alpacas. I love them. They are nicer than llamas are reputed to be, and their temperament reminds me of a curious labrador retriever, without the hyperactivity.

Thomas is a pretty photogenic beast, and I take my subjects where I can get them, to be sure. :)

Anonymous said...

"I fit more into the category of "aspiring semi-professional photographer" for now."

I guess for me you can re-write that sentence, take out photographer and replace it with illustrator. I've done comics and horror story anthologies, but they were with the teensiest of the weensiest of publishers. Did converse with one of the big wigs, A DC (comics) editor last year, I sent him samples he tore me up then told me to try again. This time he didn’t even respond. Oh well just on to one of the second biggest publishers that’s all and I’ll just keep going down the pyramid till someone publishes this new amazing and wonderful new idea I have! Weee!


KCB said...

What a cool way to show off your work. I love the goat photos. And the bison shot.

All of it reminds me of a road trip my parents took me on from San Antonio to Banff when I was six.

Trailhead said...

a road trip my parents took me on from San Antonio to Banff

Now that would be a great trip. So many different types of geography.