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Monday, November 19, 2007

Vuck Off

So Mr. T is trying to finish up the last of the green bathroom remodel, which involves a great deal of grunting and swearing as he tries to connect the sink pipes. Mr. T is ordinarily a slow-tempered, easygoing type, but he was not winning the Bolt-Turning Battle.


Silence. More turning, more grunting, then a snap.

Mr. T: FUCK!!!

The Kid: Vuck? Daddy, what's vuck mean?

Me: Yeah, Daddy, what does that mean?

Mr. T: It, uh, has to do with the sink.

Later, Mr. T walks by, shoulders drooping, to turn the water back on.

Me: How ya doin? Get your vuck on yet?


Lewis said...

So, yeah....tell us....exactly what doe it mean? I'd be interested to know. It'll come back to bite, I swear it will.

Anonymous said...

If your Russian, you may ask the questions 'Vat is it Fic you mean?"
I've been asked that by this guy we use to work with. He use to say

"All the time I ask teacha me English, you teach me 'Sheet... Fic you,"

So just tell him it's Russian ;-)