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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Sancho friend goes to the Pantanal -- Part three

Pampas deer

This time we opted to travel by 4x4, and it took around five hours. We really enjoyed seeing the scenery from the ground -- although as there are many ranches, there were lots of gates to open! The second lodge is on an island and was bought by the owners to farm rice, but they changed their mind and turned the property into an eco lodge. I should say at this point that Carolina Vargas gave us some excellent advice about our trip, and thought our choice of two lodges was a good idea as we would get to see two different areas of the Pantanal.

Spectacled caiman


Refugio was different, but excellent also. Our guide, Sergio, was an amazing character who had lived and worked all over the world and knew the flora and fauna of the Pantanal really well. We had another four excellent days and nights there with the added bonus of seeing the places in the programme where Carolina had been teaching Sancho to become an adult otter. We saw the large family group from the programme (with Italo), and most afternoons a solitary otter would come and fish outside the restaurant (not Sancho, I'm afraid). The water at this lodge was clear so we could see how amazing they are in the water. We were lucky enough to see two ocelots at Refugio, although the otters were my favourites. When I got a picture of one with a fish in its mouth it made my holiday.

When we left to go to Rio, I was gutted -- you know, when you were a kid and cried when a holiday was over? I felt just like that again. Rio was good, but on reflection, I think a week there was a bit long. I think it would have been better to spend more time at the lodges and maybe 4/5 days in Rio.

To those of you who, just like me after I watched Raising Sancho, are thinking I really want to go but it's a long way, etc. -- just do it!!!!!!!!!! I have never once regretted it and I look back on our time in Brazil with fond memories. It's the best trip I have ever done - period. Enjoy and Boa sorte (good luck).

[Trailhead's note]: There will be an additional post containing some practical travel information Jim included in his post, and also many more photographs and videos. I will be stepping out of civilization for the next three days, however. So the final posts will come after I return. Many thanks to Jim for sharing his experiences with us!]A S


Fran said...

I aim one of them who saw the show more than two-and-a-half years ago Jim. You've sent me the video (thanks again):):). I often watch it and I'm still touched by it.
It must have been wonderful to be there where Sancho once played and swam so joyful together with Carolina. I hope that one day also Jen will be in the possibility to go to the Pantanal. I know that this is one of her dreams and I hope that this dream may come true.
Thanks for sharing your adventure Jim.

Fran said...

And thanks TH for giving other people the opportunity to share their story with us.:)

Sky said...

We so want to go to Brazil and visit the Pantanal. We have an 8 year old who is very good at traveling long distances. Two Thanksgivings ago, we did Costa Rica: Arenal, Monteverde, Papagayo. What would you suggest as "must do/see" for a small family of 3? I too know Carolina. Isn't she so lovely?

Robbie G said...


Robbie G said...

Did you kayak...have you pics...what kayak did you use??