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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Sancho friend goes to the Pantanal -- Part Two

The flight was amazing. It was just over an hour, and once the land dropped away into the Pantanal basin, he flew us low over the river so we could see the wildlife. We landed at the lodge at lunchtime and all went to have lunch together with the other guests and the owners.

The early start meant we were able to do an afternoon safari, which lasted into the evening. We stayed there for four nights and had the time of our lives. We did jeep safaris, horse riding, boat safaris and kayaking. We saw so many birds and animals that I couldn't list them all. The only absence was the cat family. That is not surprising, however, as to see a cat is highly unlikely. Some of the lodges that boast about lots of Jaguar sightings actually leave meat to attract them, and frankly I would rather not see one. We did hear one calling at night and found tracks:

Barranco Alto was a fabulous place and at the end of our four days and nights we were really sad to leave, the other guests and two scientists that were there were all lovely people but soon enough it was time to move on to Refugio Da Ihla and Sancho country.

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gaithersburg, maryland, USA. 12/4/12 01:16pm...just finished watching Carolina and Sancho. Loved the show, thank you! Gracias muy bonito!

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