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Monday, January 04, 2010

Raising Sancho, 2010

Hi there folks. I'm seeing a lot of you from Denmark AND the U.S. Did the show air here this weekend?

If you want all of my Sancho related posts, they're all here. Start at the bottom.

Also, be aware that there is a "Sancho the Otter Appreciation Society" on facebook.

There have been no major changes since my visit with Carolina last year. Sancho's whereabouts remain unclear.


daniel said...

Hi TH, any chance I can get some kind of contact info.(preferably an email),for Carolina.

Not sure if it has been mentioned but,Karanambu Ranch(Diane McTurk)Guyana.Has plenty o'lovin for the Giant River Otter.

Keep up the good work!!,TH.

Look forward to a reply--If you would,any info for Carolina can be emailed to me-


Trailhead said...

Daniel, thanks for the comment. See your email for my reply. :)

Jade L Blackwater said...

Hi Trailhead -- long time no blog chat! Hope you are well, and that 2010 is starting off strong for you. Drop me an email some time if you like.


Sharon said...

Well, just add me to the list of everyone who lost it while watching Raising Sancho, and who then googled to see about updates. It is April 2010, and I just saw the show on Animal Planet last weekend. I cried buckets, even before the show ended! Not sure any animal show or story has had such an impact on me. Thank you, Trailhead, for this blog, and thank you to Carolina for all the wonderful work you do. You did, in my opinion the very best thing by letting Sancho go and not keeping him in captivity. Still, it was so very clear how much the two of you loved one another, and I can only imagine how horribly painful it must have been to not have seen him again. My heart goes out to you. I am not sure if you are still reading this blog, but if so, may I ask, what are you working on now?
Warm regards,

Trailhead said...

Hi, Sharon. Carolina stops by from time to time, and can also be emailed, though it may take her awhile to respond. I believe she's in Brazil right now.

I don't know if you're on facebook, but if so, there are two Sancho-related groups there.

Sharon said...

Thanks, Trailhead. I think I will try to e-mail her, although I wonder if she is getting tired of all the "Sancho stuff"by now! It's still really raw for me.... I read that one poster's poem and started weeping here at work...
Did you ever make it down to the Pantanal? I would love to get there myself some day.

Thanks again, Sharon
(also from the Midwest!)

Trailhead said...

Sharon, I don't think Carolina's tired of it. :) Go ahead and e-mail her. She recently finished her Master's degree in London and then went back to Brazil for a bit.

I know just how you feel, by the way. I went through two boxes of tissue that first week after I saw the show. And beyond that, it just made a huge impact on my entire life. (As you can see!)

I haven't yet made it to the Pantanal. All in good time. One Sancho fan did though. I'll see if I can drag him over here to read the new comments!