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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

No one should have poison ivy

...where I have poison ivy. No one. Ever.

Not even Republicans.

I just got oral steroids prescribed. I'm not screwing around with this.

Eleven years of peeing in the woods and this has never happened.

Till now.


A Lewis said...

What in the hell were you doing?? For god's sake, I can't turn my back on you for a minute. So, you do know HOW you got into this little predicament...right?? So that it doesn't get repeated???

Fran said...

Oei, oei! I looked it up on Wikipedia and that looks nasty!
Again something i have learned. Now you have an allergic reaction on that plant!
I hope it will cure very soon!

Anonymous said...

OMG. Pure misery. Must look before you pee by a tree!

Fran said...

This i found out.
"Raggy rope, don't be a dope!" Poison ivy vines on trees have a furry "raggy" appearance. This rhyme warns tree climbers to be wary".
One, two, three? Don't touch me!"
I suppose you have not seen these rhymes!
I hope it's better now!

Trailhead said...

Leaves of three
Let it be.

Poison ivy has a "thumb" on its leaves, too. I'm pretty good at identifying it, actually. I suspect this happened one of the times I had to go during the middle of the night, and so I couldn't see.