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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why the hell is this place called Mountain Time if you live in the midwest?

Good question.

I used to live in the mountains. And this site was started when I lived there. I stopped posting here in May, 2008, when I abruptly moved back to the midwest from northern Idaho. I filed for divorce a few months later, because I didn't like my husband's girlfriend. I started two other sites under different pseudonyms -- I used those places to engage the hell of getting a blindside divorce from someone I'd spent my entire adult life with, and whom I trusted far more than I probably should have.

Once I emerged from that hell, I realized I wanted to be back here again. I am Trailhead, and Trailhead is me.


Rurality said...

Glad to see you back! And I am sooo going to steal that line (because I didn't like my husband's girlfriend) when people ask about my ex.

Trailhead said...

Oh my gosh, how good to see you here! And wow, it's wonderful to be back.

A Lewis said...

Holy Midwest Smokes, Batman!! I thought I'd never hear from one of my original blog readers again!!! And I couldn't be happier. Now, about your bad attitude about the ex-hubby's girlfriend.....hehehe. I'd have hated her too. Excuse me, I'm off to the AT&T store now to get my new iPhone 3GS. More later....and very very happy to see you around again.

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled! I feel like I've come home for a visit. Happy days are here again!!

Oh, and what a great line because I didn't like my husband's girlfriend. That will be a new classic!!

Trailhead said...

Lewis, I'm glad to be back.

Jeannie, I'm glad you're here. ;)

As for the girlfriend line, I wish I could take credit, but I heard it from someone else and loved it!

Anonymous said...

Did someone really ask this question? Or are you just putting it out there?

You can make a mountain out of anything! :o)

Glad 2 see u here!