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Friday, February 20, 2009

Sancho in US?

Is Raising Sancho showing this week in the U.S.? I'm seeing all sorts of U.S. traffic I haven't seen for a year! Someone drop a comment and let me know.


Carolina Vargas said...

Yes, I think the film was aired again there. I´ve got a message from the U.S.!!
I´ll be back here soon... still busy with my studies!
All the best, Carolina.

Love_Sancho09 said...

Hi! Trailhead
I just seen the Raising Sancho this past thursday here in the US. It's one of the best documentary show i've ever seen, and its still affect me. I just love Sancho and i hope that he is safe.

Love_Sancho09 said...

Hi Trailhead
I found this video of an otter in youtube. A fishermen accidentaly caught this otter and he took it home.His eating fish in this video. He looks like Sancho! They caught this otter in 2007. Pls check the video

Edy said...

Hi, I am from Mexico and I saw “raising Sancho” in Animal Planet. I love Sancho and I want to know what happened with Sancho? I know that Sancho disappear but did you have the chance to see Sancho again?

Thank you

Trailhead said...

Love Sancho09, I don't know, but I don't think so. I'd be interested to hear what Carolina has to say about it.

Hi Edy. I can answer that -- I know that while some of the guides in the area think they may have seen him, Carolina has never been able to confirm that. She was in the Pantanal last summer, but did not see him. She may come by here at some point. She checks in occasionally but is pretty busy these days with her classes and work. Thanks for coming by. We all love Sancho here. ;)

Luis said...

I saw de documentary, I`m from El Salvador, it`s so touchy, otter are so beautifull.

I remember I saw a couple at a mexican zoo, they we so curious and playfull.

I hope Sancho is fine, the end it`s so sad.


Marcia said...

Olá amigos,
Sou brasileira e assisti o documentário sobre Sancho no dia 02/03/2009, no Animal Planet.Adorei! Gostaria muito de saber se ele reapareceu e se a Dra.Carolina ainda tem esperanças de encontrá-lo.Tomara que sim! Abraços a todos e que a Dra. Carolina continue fazendo o seu belo trabalho.Que Deus a proteja e a Sancho também, onde quer que ele esteja. Até breve! Marcia.

Cathy Dixson said...

It's Sunday June 14, 2009 and the Animal Planet just showed Raising Sancho.

It was devastating to see the end and not know what happened to him. I hope he shows up eventually.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I just watched Raising Sancho on Animal Planet in the U.S. I was like, uhhhhh what happned to Sancho? Do you know? Did she ever find him? I hope he lived, he reminded me of my dog.


Anonymous said...

Sunday, June 14th: I just finished watching Wild Kingdom's "Raising Sancho" and have never felt so compelled to write; never done this before! As the show was coming to an end, my mind was racing to create a happing ending or at least more time or a part II. I then frantically searched for a website hoping to find some answers. So Thank You for this place and would love information or a website to stay updated on Carolina and if she is still searching for Sancho. :)
P.S. Was there a followup to the youtube video possibly siting Sancho?

Trailhead said...

Hi everyone! So glad to know Raising Sancho has aired again in the U.S. Anonymous, the youtube vid is of different giant otters in Peru. I love those guys!

For everyone: You can access lots of giant otter info, as well as many comments from Carolina, by clicking the "Raising Sancho" link in the sidebar. That brings up every post, including a post about what Carolina is up to now.

For the record: Carolina has been back to the Pantanal, but cannot confirm a Sancho siting, although several guides in the area claim to have seen him.

I know just how you all feel. I spent a week in September 2007 with a box of kleenex and this blog. It was strong enough to move me to travel to England to meet Carolina. Strong stuff.