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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sancho, 2009

I see a lot of visitors from France and Switzerland today. Was Raising Sancho broadcast recently?

This blog was closed in May of 2008, but I was about to make another post about the week I spent with Carolina Vargas in London in late December 2008. So come back soon!


HeatherRemembers said...

Yes just aired on Swiss T.V. which we get just over the border here in France. What a beautiful example of the bond that can develop between humans and animals when the respect the animals deserve is offered. So inspirational. I have no doubt Sancho is alive and well with untold numbers of cheeky offspring. He has such an adorably arrogant character that I'm not in the least bit suprised he left when he was so young (yet still age appropriate.) He knew he was the bees knees and was never gonna be hanging around for the emotional goodbyes. He is far too clever for that, animals are so much better than us at living in the now, and he had such fun and exciting things to do, he got the urge and off he went. All credit to Carolina and their healthy bond that he felt secure enough in himself to follow his own inner guidance. That's my take on it - and I'm sticking to it!!!! :-) Thanks Trailhead for coming back to update us and for creating a connection point for Sancho fans. Massive Appreciation to You. I'd SO Love to get a DVD of this.

Trailhead said...

Heather, go here.

You have to download the veoh player but once you do you can watch it all you like. It's the British version of the show, I believe, which is probably what aired on Swiss T.V.

Thanks for stopping by!

HeatherRemembers said...

Thank you so much Trailhead, the Swiss version was dubbed in French and as I am very much a beginner at French I am in for such a treat to really understand the narration and speach of Carolina. I will be investing in a very big box of very soft tissues for tomorrow!!! P.S. Do you have a new blog?

Trailhead said...

You're in for a treat then! But by all means, make sure you have tissues. I went through two boxes, and it was days before I stopped thinking about it. And as you can see, it's become a big part of my life. :)

As for a new blog, yes I do. If you're interested, drop me an email at the address in the corner and I'll send you the link. There are several Sancho fans over there and I blogged a little about my trip to London to meet Carolina.

Anonymous said...

yes the movie was on Swiss TV last night. I've been touched and wonder what ever became of Sancho - does anyone know?

regards, g.

JenK said...

Hi, g. Did you see any of Carolina's comments on the other posts? While some of the guides in the area have reported seeing a lone male giant otter, the otter cannot be positively identified as Sancho. Carolina was there in the Pantanal this summer, and did not see him. So, things remain unclear.

Anonymous said...

I also watched on Swiss TV yesterday.


Anonymous said...

here the link to watch it in German:


Chris said...

There are many interesting informations about giant Otters on German internet sites. For example GEO author Claus-Peter Lieckfiled observed the privacy of giant otters in Peru. In a report from the GEO magazine No3/2006 he wrote about a giant Otter named ETA, which he obeserved for a long time. Very interesting is that ETA after beeing 3 years with his family, was leaving his family in the month MAY. ETA had e brother who also left the family one week after ETA did, so also in MAY..

I read Carolina's comments on the other posts. In her posting from 9/12/2007 she wrote that she handeled Sancho from Oct 2005 until May 2006. So Sancho also left in seemed to be the month in which otters leave their family..!? the only difference was that ETA was 3 years old and Sancho only 8-9 month..

Lieckfiled explained in detail the last days bevor ETA leave, what Eta did and what the weather was and why she left exactly on that was the second day after e very special moment: ETA brought the biggest fish she has ever caught to her probably ETA was shure it can do it alone...

unfortunately the article is in the link

(sorry my bad english)

Trailhead said...

Chris, that's really interesting information. I've e-mailed Carolina to let her know the show aired in Switzerland. She almost always drops by and reads comments, but she's quite busy, so it may take her awhile. I'll be interested to see what her thoughts are on what you wrote.

I do know that May is the beginning of the dry season in the Pantanal. At that time, the smaller tributaries start to dry up, and that forces the otters to follow the fish toward the main river. So Sancho could have done just that.

LaPerru said...

Hi, does anybody knows if it is possible and where we can leave a donation for the place Carolina Vargas works for the otters? Thank you!