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Friday, March 21, 2008

Wherein my laptop dies a sudden and undignified death -- Updated for Idiocy

I was reading a political blog, and apparently my laptop is just as angst-ridden over the Democratic primary as I am, because it apparently had a heart attack and died while reading a post about the nomination not being decided till the convention. Yep. It suddenly just went dark and won't turn back on. Buh-bye.

It's a little less than two years old. I hate how I have to blow a grand or more every two years just to keep a decent laptop.

I'm thinking of moving to a Mac.

Updated for Idiocy: Actually, I won't be moving to Mac until my laptop actually does die...and just isn't unplugged. Ahem.


kris said...

You are too funny! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh So you wanna be one of "Those" mac people ;o)

It's better for stuff like Photoshop because it does not use as much memory for graphics like a PC does. Something like it reads it differently? I dunno


Anonymous said...

Oh By the way not to post 20 x but don't feel bad about any Stock rejections. I just got the "you suck" e-mail back from DC and they don't hold back with critique.. :o(


Trailhead said...

Ouch, Toots. I just don't think there's any way around feeling crappy when your stuff gets rejected. I think we all just have to feel it, get through it, and keep going. I hope their critique was at least helpful. There's nothing worse than when a tire-kicker gets ahold of your stuff and slams it with unconstructive criticism. It makes it harder to learn from your rejection, which is frankly the only prospect that alleviates the pain, for me.

Anonymous said...

Well it just means I can't quit my job. If I get picked up by a smaller publisher I have to wait for a royalty check, if there is one, after of course the cost of printing and distribution where as DC would just pay me for the book right then and there. Here’s the thing though, it's an illustrated book, I'm doing the art and writing, but all I could show him was a one page synopsis of the entire series. There's lots I couldn't even show him so really I may just write an abstract that sucks but it still tells me nothing about my work. I'll get that from the second publisher who will alow me, at least to send them one entire finished book to judge.

We are in sort of the same boat. I've been published several times as a comic book illustrator, once as a writer but I still can't play with the big kids.


Trailhead said...

Yeah -- the practical stuff blows. I guess I'm so far from even assuming that I could replace lawyering with photography/writing right now that the practical suckitude of rejection didn't even occur to me.