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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A few rueful words from The Chairman of the Board, dedicated to my two favorite downtrodden artists -- Me and Toots

Toots has been going through a bit of artistic anguish, as related in a thread below. And tonight, through a variety of events I won't bore you with here, I helped a bunch of people get their photographs published. Except me.

I'm frustrated, folks.

This song came on the iPod just after I tossed my Crackberry down in a fit of pique after reading the relevant e-mail.

That's life. And I can't deny it.

But if there's nothing shakin' come this here July....


Anonymous said...

Hey Trailhead,

never been a big Frank fan but that's pretty funny. I remember I didn't try for a graphic design position because my friend wanted it. And I have a friend who is a dentist now, but to pass a test they need a patient to do certain things on, like they need one cavity, one root canal, and so on, and she borrowed her patient to a friend who promised to have her back in time for her test. Long story short she didn't and my friend failed her first $900 dental exam. She got the second one finally and she's my dentist.

The weird thing is I had three people tell me a famous comic book writer’s story, three complete strangers, one a customer, one lady on the train, and the third in Staples! And they all told me the same story, they all had a friend who struggled at a clerical job, wrote and did comics on the side, then when retirement came BAM they made it big. Hope I don’t have to wait for retirement.


Trailhead said...

Hope I don’t have to wait for retirement


I feel better today, oddly. There's something funny about the absurdity of my situation, and I think its probably time to admit that I just need to be in it for the love of it and stop being so neurotic about the rest. But that's just me. And it's Friday. I'll probably be back in full neurotic flower on Tuesday at the latest.

Anonymous said...

OK Jen...that's life...or in other words get over it!! LOL You're a smart many creative people have you heard of that received all of their fame afterlife. :) You just get out there and do your thing. Enjoy it!!


Trailhead said...

Jeannie!!! Always good to see you here, even when you're giving me a needed ass-kicking. :)

How's the high country?

Anonymous said...

The high country is cold and snowy damn it!!

Take the 'chewing out' as a love pat--I'm plagued by similar issues and just have to keep on whether anyone likes what I produce or not. :)

Take care!