Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Homesick today

I get these occasional bouts of homesickness for Indy. Today it was when my brother called to tell me you can get takeout from the lunch buffet of our favorite Indian restaurant for four bucks. And that he had done that today, and had just been dining on nav rattan curry before our phone call.

Usually these moments hit when its time for me to go back and spend sufficient time to remember why I moved in the first place. But I'd really rather go to the Everglades and do some bird photography.

Life as a transplant, I guess.


Lewis said...

It's so odd what brings back homesickness and such feelings. It's usually the most simple, unsuspecting, of the Indian restaurant. And you do get around. I'm not surprised that you miss it.

Danger Panda said...

Surely Montana/Idaho must have some Indian restaurants...? That don't necessarily serve bison...? It's a topic that might deserve a little research.

Trailhead said...

Heh. Nah, it's more about the ritual lunch thing my brother and I had when we worked together, though this did prompt me to look into the Indian restaurants in Spokane.

Anonymous said...

Gosh every time I go back to visit my parents I'm reminded of how ugly it was where I grew up. Suburbs south of Chicago. I can't even find a pic of them on the web, that's how ugly it is.

It's weird but when I came back to Chicago from San Francisco everything just looked auful! The flowering plants looked like "Oh I'm gonna sqweeze out this one flower now watch Uhh! RRRRRRRRR! POP ahh. Look at my one flower now! Isn't it a beaut? Took me half the summer"

I would love to relocate. So I guess it's also where you grew up in Indiana. Where abouts were you from? Being so close to the border we, as teens use to hang out in such places as Whiting, Hammond, really not so pretty places like that.

But IF it wern't for my job I would seriously pick up and move! You could rent a HOUSE in Florence OR for the same as a studio in Chicago.

Trailhead said...

I assume that's you, Toots, given the Chicago angle.

I grew up in Indianapolis. Left for Florida the day after I graduated college and spent a little time in Atlanta and a lot more time in North Carolina attending law school. Came back to Indy for six years to work, then left again for parts west.

I like to think of Indiana divided horizontally into thirds, and each third is dramatically different, culturally and geographically.

The Oregon coast hasn't gotten outrageously expensive yet, true.