Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just pics

Finally got my USB cable back. It was here the whole time, of course.

These were taken at our hotel on the Spokane River in Post Falls.

After three solid days of snow, there are now about three feet of snow on the ground and the sun is finally out. We've been waiting to leave for CDA till we're sure the plows have been through.


Anonymous said...

Great Pics!

I wanna stay in that one little room on top of the roof there? Yeah that one. That would SO be my art Studio.

I'm looking into moving to a different building. It's not the West coast but it may have a view of our beautiful brown lake


Trailhead said...

The crow's nest gets hella hot in the summertime. When we left Monday, the heat wasn't on and it was 70-plus degrees in there just from the sun shining through. It was 20 outside.

So we're going to install a solar attic fan to take the edge off. It's a neat room, though.

Danger Panda said...

Glad to know you're getting settled. I have more for you later, but this is something of a test message. Hopefully this will be more effective than a message in a bottle pitched into an ocean, but who knows?

Trailhead said...

I see you have bypassed the blogger gates. Excellent. **Cackles**