Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Solstice Moonrise

There was a huge, beautiful moon rising on my drive through Northern Idaho Friday, but alas, there was no way to stop until it had shrunk significantly. So it's become the image I missed, now stored only in my own memory. I have many like that, and I treasure them, too, even as I grieve that I'm the only one to ever see them.

But I like the one I actually captured, too.


Lewis said...

I love your's really a perfect winter scene. And I've been feeling guilty about shooting, yet MORE of the same scene...such as last night's moon....which you'll see in the link below. merry Christmas!

kris said...

Beautiful photo - but I can imagine how beautiful it was earlier too. There is something so magical about full moons - they rise over our lake like big orange suns - and then cast silver and white light over the water and turn my gardens into fairylands.