Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Sunday, November 11, 2007

This has nothing to do with forwarding anything to Bill Gates, I swear

I was sitting here doing some busywork on the computer and Animal Planet tells me that if you go here and vote for your favorite endangered animal, they'll donate a buck to the World Wildlife Federation for every vote.

I picked the griz, since she's my local endangered megafauna, with a small presence in my nearby Cabinet Mountain Range, and a bigger presence in Glacier National Park. That and they didn't have giant otters on the ballot.


Kristy said...

Pandas--all the way!

Trailhead said...

My Chinese friends tell me there's a place in Sichuan Province where I can go to hold a panda for some outrageously small sum of money. I made them promise to take me when I'm there next.

kris said...

Holding a panda - how cool would that be?

Trailhead said...

I know. I'd love to write about it here, too, and of course photograph the little buggers. I think it's a panda reserve where research is conducted, but obviously I'll check out the operation before I go, lest I inadvertently subsidize something I'm uncomfortable with.