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Monday, November 05, 2007

Okay, just a little more plastic

The Great Plastic Challenge, the anti-plastic group that lured me to NaBloPoMo, has staked out its own territory. Go forth and discover new ways to eliminate the substance that will not die from your lives.


michael said...

My wife and I have commited to carrying our own coffee cups vs. store bought plastic, s-foam and the like. Look froward to eliminating more and more...

Anonymous said...

Hi Trailhead,

I have been bringing bottles of my filtered water from home to work everyday. 2 bottles every day I don't buy, Saves a ton of money too!


Trailhead said...

Both of those are great suggestions. Bottled water is particularly galling, so good going there, Toots.

Michael, that's a good plan. I used to have a large reusable cup I would use for fountain drinks, but I lost it when I moved to Oregon. Gotta dig around and find that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Trailhead

Check this out

that's a BIG Kitty! Maybe you saw this? I guess this lady raised this Lion from little. Animals are amazing.

I thougth you lived in Mountana?

Before I go to Oregon next April I'm going to have to question you to death.

It would be great to hear other's little tips on conserving on plastic waist. One probelm I have is takeout. Every time I order takeout now I get another plastc container. I don't throw them out but now I have a cabinet full!

We'll be burried alive in plastic


Anonymous said...

OK You know what? You can go to Google and in search type in "lion hugs and kisses woman" and you will get a list of sites with this video. But it's basically a Lion Hugging and kissing this woman. Its pretty cool. And sorry for over posting. you'll get a break tomorrow I'm off of work ;-)

sasha said...

Wow, you rock!

Thanks for linking to The Great Plastic Challenge!

Toots -

We had a problem with takeout, too. Now we bring our own tupperware and ask the cashier to ask the cook to put our food in there instead of giving us a container from the restaurant. We get some funny looks, but no exasperated sighs yet.

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

OK, the "buy powder detergent" just made me think, duh. I should be doing that. So, as soon as my current bottle of All is gone, I'm switching to powder.

Bet you didn't know how powerful a blog could be : )

LifeLessPlastic said...

Awesome! The Great Plastic Challenge is a cool little group.

As for me, I've done lots of things to reduce my plastic use recently. It think some of the most important have been buying more vegatables (instead of pre-packaging foods), buying from bulk bins, and pretty much giving up soda.

Not only do these things help me create a lot less waste, but they're definitely healthier, too.