Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More ugly!

Via Ugly Overload (which I arrived at via commenter Toots), I see that PBS Nature is holding an ugly animal photo contest on Flickr. Go on over and check out the entrants. There are some doozies. But I'm with Toots -- the Cape Griffon Vulture is actually pretty cute.


Anonymous said...

I think he kinda looks like a little old man with no teeth


yeah if you find that U Tube with those creapy fish with the long teeth and I think some of them have lights on their heads? Post it. Those I bet have ugly babies. They deffinitly have ugly adults!

Rose said...

That stork is a doozy. I never would have thought a stork could be ugly. Bats yes - storks no.

And yeah the vulture is cute.

Trailhead said...

Toots the only one I can find is the whole segment, which is ten minutes long. I'll probably post it anyway later on.

Rose, I know. The stork wigged me out a little too.

Anonymous said...

THe stork looks like something from "The Dark Crystal"

Too much Sci-Fi in my diet


michael said...

I think they all look cute. Perhaps I can send you a picture of one of my neighbors - he is what you call ugly..LOL

Trailhead said...