Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In which I fall back on a youtube

I just wrote and discarded two posts. Instead, I leave you with this video, which appeared last week on every liberal blog in the known universe. I keep watching it over and over.


Anonymous said...

I saw that. People in work are always sending me links. Then I turn around and post them here :o)

That is sooo my cat it's not even funny. This morning I changed his litter box and then pulled it out from the corner so I could sweep behind it and he decided he needed to use it right then, while it was in the middle of the room. Guess he knows me well enought not to need privacy. Cats are funny


Trailhead said...

I love how he even got the purring/chirping thing just right.

Kristy said...

Oh, that looks so familiar. My cat does what we call The Dance of the Thousand Meows, but only at 3:00 in the morning. They're evil, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Dance of the thousand Meows that's funny

I am learning slowly to speak Kitty,

Eee means "Scratch my butt"
"ROUW ROUW" means whatever I want give it to me RIGHT NOW!

and e e is a sweet way to say "Gimme some love"

Arn't they cute? Little farts!

Oh Trailhead,

You mentioned earlier that you were thinking of Ferrets for your son. First of all I must say I would want you to adopt a ferret more than most but there are certain health issues you need to be aware of. I can give you all the info that I learned over the years when you are ready. Ferrets are super smart, active minds like cats so you can't always keep them caged, they do need play time, but they love you like a dog. Just wonderful animals unfortunately there are things they are prone to like Adrenal Gland disease (Tumors in the Adrenal Glands) and Insullinoma (tumors in the Pancreas) Both are expensive and can be deadly depending on how severe or if it is malignant. Rascal lived for 3 years with Insullinoma but Skippy lasted months. If you need info I can send it to you

Best Regards,

Toots again

Trailhead said...

Oh no, Toots. I actually said I'd love to have a ferret, but I wouldn't get one because my son is only five. I don't think he's ready for a small animal that needs a great deal of careful attention. But thanks for the info! And maybe someday...

kris said...

So, last night Kobie went out about 3 times before we headed to bed - and instead of piddling, he spent his time barking at who knows what. This morning at 6am, he stuck his nose in my face to let me know he would like to go out - I was tired and pretty much blew him off. Next thing I knew, he had his nose under the duvet and was nudging my feet. After seeing the video, I'm glad we don't keep a bat in the bedroom!! (And that Mark is home tonight and will have to deal with early risers tomorrow.)

Trailhead said...

Thomas puts me through a similar routine. He paws endlessly at the glass door in our bedroom. Then when I let him out, he goes off to do his business, then he comes and paws at the glass door to get back in.

Then he harasses me with his cold, wet nose till I get up to feed him. Ordinarily, Mr. T deals with him since he has to get up anyway, but not this week. Urgh.