Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Friday, November 16, 2007

And hippopotamuses like me too

So I was just going to swear off the animal-blogging for awhile, and I thought I'd post youtubes of my two all-time favorite Christmas songs since we're careening headfirst into the holiday season.


A hippo and a pig. Which led to this actual instant messaging conversation with Mr. T yesterday afternoon:

Me: Ohmigosh! On youtube: [sends link] Hooray!

Mr. T: my god you aren't going to start the christmas music early this year are you?

Me: Wha? Okay, apparently you didn't get the memo. PORKY PIG'S BLUE CHRISTMAS IS ON YOUTUBE. What could be greater???

Mr. T: I saw.

I swear, some people.


Anonymous said...

Cute Doggie! Woof Woof

How's he doing by the way? Not barfing up any goop I hope?


When my kitty barfs it's actually kinda funny. I can't give him any Meds because I swear he'll just EXPLODE! Projectile vomit everywhere! Or he’ll stand on something high up in the air and “BLAH!” all over the floor below him.

PS I'll have to check out the Pottomous video when everyone goes home. Can't have sound. Not suppose to be surfing the web. bad Toots Bad bad bad toots

Tony said...

Schweet! Gotta love Porky!!