Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well here I am. Back in middle of nowhere, and it's grand. The aspen in front of my house is completely, richly gold. The tamaracks are turning. We ate freshly caught trout for dinner Sunday night. And again I marvel that I feel less isolated in a place where traffic congestion is a moose blocking 5th street.

My in-laws are here with me this week. This is the first time my father-in-law has returned here since he sold us the place a little over a year ago. It can't be easy for him -- I saw him standing, that first evening, staring out at the corral whose fence he built by hand, one split rail at a time. But he's got a permanent companion in the grandson who shadows him constantly, hanging on his every word. And his mood improved markedly Sunday night, after he, Mr. T and the Kid fished a part of the river he'd never gotten around to while he still spent time here regularly.

For my part, life is easy this week. I just had to stop my mother-in-law from bringing the coffee carafe over to my cup and refilling it while I sat on my ass. Mr. T filled the 80's era PornoHotTub before he left, and I might get in once or twice. I've got some photographs scoped out, should the weather decide to cooperate, and I spent ten minutes this morning watching a woodpecker work on a tree down the hill. I do have to work, but somehow it's not as grinding here.

It's all good.


Anonymous said...

Hi Traihead,

I just wanted to clarify something. It may sound like a stupid question. Mr. T I'm assuming T is short for something else and you are not in fact married to that guy who use to play in the A Team? Believe it or not I met Mr. T. I waited on him. Funny story if you want to hear it.


Trailhead said...

Yeah, since I'm Trailhead, I refer to my husband as Mr. T. That it conjures up the A-Team is definitely a bonus.

Kristy said...

You're going to make this Montana thing permanent, you know, if you're not careful.

Trailhead said...

It's all part of my clever plan, Kristy.

Oh and Toots, do tell about your Mr. T encounter.

Anonymous said...

Well since it's on the web maybe I shouldn't. I was actually training at a large chain restaurant and at the time I was just following a waitress around to see what she did. She waited on Mr T and he was complaining about the dirty silverware. She took his spoon back and cleaned it in a not so sanitary way. Oops. Needless to say I didn't do as I was taught. But it makes you think twice before being rude to people who handle your food. People who handle your money too for that matter


Rose said...

I have the same feeling when I'm out in the middle of nowhere - more connected and grounded and appreciative of what I have.

I get that in Joshua Tree and I also got it when I was in Montana.

kris said...

It sure sounds good - you are so lucky!!