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Friday, September 28, 2007

Slugs, snakes, fruit flies and a mistakenly sold television

Good grief, that last post was whiny and self-indulgent, but I suppose that's what you get for frequenting the blog of an Eeyore like me. There was just something about Thapar's desperation that tapped into something inside me. For a control freak like me, the impotence of the individual can sometimes be hard to swallow.

I offer you this antidote to gloominess.

The snake doesn't always win, see? Funny, the more I watch the video, the more the slug reminds me of congressional Democrats. I know, I know -- that's an unfair comparison. Congressional Democrats would be working a lot harder to get themselves into the snake's mouth.

As it happens, youtube is all I'll be watching for awhile, as I think we've inadvertently sold our television. All summer long we've been selling a bunch of our stuff on Craigslist and eBay, and we had too many televisions from several years ago when Mr. T came out here for his new job before The Kid and I did.

We gave one to a friend for his kids, and then without really thinking about it, we put the other one on Craigslist. About two seconds after someone called and said they'd be coming to pick it up tonight, I realized that I do occasionally watch it, if only for Animal Planet, my yoga videos and an occasional rerun of That 70s Show.

So we may buy another one. But not for awhile.

And now other duties call, as The Kid is downstairs assassinating members of the population of fruit flies that mysteriously appeared in our kitchen sometime in the last three days, and I believe he may be destroying cabinetry in his insecticidal zeal. Incidentally, those things are hardy. The other day I opened the microwave door after nuking my lunch for three minutes, and out hobbled a temporarily dazed fruit fly. It wandered around my counter for about ten seconds, and then resumed his hovering around my sink. I didn't have the heart to take him out after that display of fortitude.


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

You may have inadvertently created a superfly. I'd keep any eye on that thing.

Tony said...

I'll bring the TV back for you to use until you're done with it... We're not using it yet. (Besides, this way you can find the remote for it!)

Don't say no... it's already a done deal. You'll have it Monday!

Trailhead said...

Check your email, pally.

Thanks anyway. :)

Kristy said...

That snake video? Icky! However, if I knew they were that willing to take on the slug population, I'd have hired a bunch of them for the backyard. Maybe next year.