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Monday, September 24, 2007


For those of you still reading, Raising Sancho will air again on October 21. I have a feeling there will be more folks stumbling upon all of the posts and comments. This time I'm going to have someone TiVo it for me!


vw said...

I'm wondering if Dr. Vargas will go back looking for Sancho again. We all the Sancho fans would like to see the" part 2 of Raising Sancho" if Sancho could be found.

Trailhead said...

I think she's away from the Pantanal region for now, doing "paper" work. I hope she's able to get back in the field someday!

vw said...

I 1st time saw Raising Sancho on October 21,like every Sancho fan, I was so lost and heartbroken. At mid night I couldn't sleep and went online looking for an answer. luckily I found your site. Thank you, Trailhead. You have such a great web site. I've read all the comments about Sancho and Dr. Vargas' too. It helped me really understand what Dr.Vargas went through by losing Sancho like this. She is right. This program brought
all our attentions to the Giant Otter. I really hope the day we see
or hear Sancho again. On one of your post you said you were planing
a vacation to Pantanal. and I visit the link to this beautiful place. I'm thinking of this will be my next vacation too. If it's possible
for Dr.Vargas give us a map of the places where Sancho were, so when we tour there may see Sancho and his family. My best wishes to Dr. Vargas and good luck on your boor. Thanks again.
Viva Wang Parsoneault
from Los Angeles,CA

GlenyD said...

I just watched Raising Sancho tonight and like all of you googled to see if anything had been learned of his fate. It was extremely sad. I think I would have just hung around with him in the water for the 12 years of his life. :-) Mind you - I don't fancy swimming with those Caymen very much. I hope he made it. And I really felt moved by the tears of Carolina when he disappeared - reminded me of when my cat went missing for a bit. Luckily he turned up - but the searching is very taxing. Good luck Carolina in all your future endevours!

All the best,

Gleny D

Keefy said...

Here in the UK we've just been treated to a second airing in a week of Raising Sancho on BBC 2's Natural World series. And for the second time in a week I was moved to tears at this truly beautiful programme.
Dr Carolina Vargas came across as a remarkable and inspirational woman for her work with Sancho and giant otters in general.
I, like many others, immediately googled Dr Vargas, not only to see if there were any updates on Sancho, but to also learn about her and her work. Top of the list was Trailhead and Mountain Time, by far the most informative resource I have so far found.
Well done on your contact with Dr Vargas and thank-you Dr Vargas for your replies which I, and I guess many others, will have found comforting as well as informative.
I would also like to say what a wonderful job Lucy Meadows, producer/director, did for the BBC and Animal Planet.
In this respect I was wondering if anybody knew how the programme came about. Did the programme makers know of Dr Vargas and her work, or did Dr Vargas invite them to make this programme.
Just thought I would add my comments on this wonderful piece of television as many others have felt compelled to.
Keep up the good work Trailhead on your equally wonderful Mountain Time blog, something I'm not sure I would have discovered without being so intrigued by Dr Carolina Vargas and little Sancho.

Trailhead said...

Keefy, that's a really great question. I've also wondered how the film came about. If Carolina checks back in, maybe she'll let us know. I don't know if she checks this particular thread; but if she checks one of the others, I'll try to ask her. And thanks for your kind compliments. :)

Gleny D, I think my husband would agree with you about swimming with cayman. He has a phobia of the alligator/crocodile types!

Trailhead said...

I wrote another post about Sancho, in case anyone's interested, mainly explaining why I think Sancho left of his own accord rather than some darker scenario, and also why I absolutely, wholeheartedly agree with Carolina's decision not to keep him in captivity.

It's here, if anyone's interested. I've added this comment to the other threads as well, because it seems that everyone is checking different threads. :)