Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Latest favorite photo

Here. A vertical is here.

I took these in eastern Oregon on the way back from Montana in late May. I made Mr. T pull off the highway (he's used to this sort of thing) while I spent half an hour trying to find an acceptable composition. I've been wanting a photo from this angle for a long time, but I'd pictured it very differently in my mind's eye. Essentially what I want is this composition, except taken from the middle of the river.


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kris said...

I love those photos! I must have vacation to Oregon!
I have a list of things I must see/do before I die - of course, every time I actually do one, I add it right back to the list. But there are so many things on the west coast that I haven't done yet, I think we need to get started!