Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I call this the pull-it-out-of-your-ass phase

Actual conversation in the car tonight:

The Kid: Mommy?

Me: Yes?

The Kid: Do you want to make brown sugar mustache cookies?

Me: What are those?

The Kid: They're cookies that you make with brown sugar, and they're hard cookies, and if you eat them you'll never get sick, ever.

Me: Oh really?

The Kid: Yeah. And they're really big. But you can't eat too much, or you'll get sick. (Pausing to realize he just contradicted himself.) It's only if you eat a little bit that you'll never get sick. They have good sugar in them, not the kind that makes you hyper. You want to make them tonight? They're really, really yummy.

Me: I see. Have you ever had these cookies before?

The Kid: Yeah.

Me: Where?

The Kid: At the Logging Restaurant. You know what that is?

Me: What?

The Kid: A restaurant with logs on it. There are three. One in Montana, one in Portland, and one in...[thinks for a long time] Kalispell. [Of course, Kalispell is in Montana.]

Me: Huh.

The Kid: You guys have to try these cookies. They're yummy. Do you want to make them tonight?

Mr. T: Well, not tonight. It's bedtime when we get home.

The Kid: How about tomorrow? Do you want me to show you how to make them tomorrow? Because you both have to try them. They're super yummy.

Me: Yeah, sure.


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

My son's in the same phase. Although when he tells me stuff like this, he then says, "Am I kidding? I might be kidding." As if he's not quite sure what's real!

I loved what you wrote about glaciers, read it all even though I didn't comment.

Trailhead said...

I've been wondering how this phase will resolve itself, and I guess the "Am I kidding? I might be kidding" thing is sort of the bridge to reality! Anyway, it's kind of hilarious the stuff they come up with out of nowhere.

I'm glad you liked the glacier stuff. I still have to do the wrap-up post.