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Thursday, June 21, 2007

You don't think I can come up with a title, do you?

Zoinks, people, I need a vacation. For the last month or more I've been doing an extended document review -- something like 30,000 pages -- and now I have absolutely nothing to say to you. That is because document reviews take my brain -- which is ordinarily humming with ideas, concepts, dialogues and notions -- and wipe it clean. I wouldn't even analogize it to constipation, because it's not like there's something there that wants to come out but can't. It's just all gone. Zap, goodbye.


My mind, which is normally like Velcro, grabbing onto to things it encounters willy-nilly, has turned to glass. Nothing sticks.

I've been trying to get out in the backcountry for the last couple of weekends to see if I can relocate my gray matter, but we've all seen how that went. This has to be the most frustrating summer since I was pregnant five years ago and couldn't be out of the air conditioning for more than ten minutes without fear of passing out. I've been stuck for a month in front of this godforsaken laptop reviewing electronic documents, one after another, brain cells crying out silently as they die.

But like they say, it pays by the hour.


Kristy said...

Oh, I know what you mean! If I don't get out for an hours walk or bike ride, it feels like my brain never gets out of low gear. And there's nothing like work to zap whatever will to live might remain...

kris said...

bummer - especially bad, because, hello, it's summer out here!! (not to make you feel worse or anything!lol)

Trailhead said...

As always, Kristy, you put my three paragraphs into one perfect sentence.

Kris: I know! It hurts!