Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Monday, June 25, 2007

Our clothes were dirty but our hands were clean

Do you ever get those snatches of memory that neatly capture the perfection of a moment?

This time last year, we came off the Pacific Crest Trail in southern Oregon, smelly, hot and worn, limped into a trailside restaurant, drank a cold drink, and listened to a surprisingly good live cover of Lay Lady Lay.

Every time I hear that song I'm back there after 25 miles on the trail, feeling so good, so deliciously tired, and so content.

Please, please, please let that Sky Lakes Wilderness trip in August work out for me...


kris said...

Nice post - I have my fingers crossed for your August trip! Love the llama photo - they are really just too cute. (wonder if they would play nicely with poodles? and vice versa!)

Wasteland Fan said...

I didn't know anything about the Sky Lakes Wilderness, so I googled it and cracked up at the following "Rule" posted for entering:

Maximum group size is 8 persons; maximum number of stock per group is 12 pack/saddle animals.

Trailhead, I think that you might consider adopting that as a sign that you MUST go. Anyplace that limits the number of people to single digits and allows a dozen pack animals just screams "Trailhead" to me!

Trailhead said...

I wonder if Thomas counts.

Kris, they kind of look like poodles if you squint really hard.