Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Friday, May 11, 2007


My northwestern Montana road

I'm taking something of a break. This spring has been unusual in that I've been less able to get out on the trails and waters than the previous few years. Urgh. This is happening for a number of reasons, not all of them bad by any means, but the outdoors is mostly what I like to write about and without it, there isn't much to blog, as I see it. (Or really, I'm too grouchy to want to blog about anything else.)

I am, however, doing a bit of reading. I tore my way through The Omnivore's Dilemma this week, and it's a gem. It really just knocked me flat, and will probably change the way I eat. I think a few posts on that would be valuable, but I want to let it sink in for awhile.

I've also been working on this:

Never thought I'd be a quilter, but there you go.

We're leaving for Montana next week, and we'll be coming back on Memorial Day. I half suspect that our time out there will get the blog juices flowing again, because I never know what I'll see in the way of wildlife. I'm looking forward to fresh trout dinners (assuming Mr. T has some luck) and digging last year's remaining huckleberries out of the deep freeze. Since we haven't been there since January, I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that no pipes have busted this year. Montana winters aren't a garden party, and the first spring visit is always a mess of repairs.

There's no internet access at the house -- at least till I resign myself to paying eighty bucks a month for a land line and DSL that I'll use rarely at best. But since it looks like we'll be spending more time there this summer as well as having guests, I might hold my nose and do just that, but probably not this time.

It's funny, as soon as I announce these breaks I want to post again the next day. But if I don't, no need to send out the cavalry. I'll probably be back eventually. Till then, have fun and raise lots of hell.


kris said...

Love the quilt top. Looks like quite a project to me. It's very pretty. Hope you have a great time in Montana. Happy Mom's Day!

Rurality said...

LOVE the colors in that quilt!

wyldthang said...

Hello! I really like your quilt, and that's a great pattern, not too fussy, but just enough. Have a great time in Montana, looking forward to pix! It's warm and sunny here in Oregon...

Trailhead said...

Thanks all. It's such an easy pattern, with the half-square triangles and the prairie points, but it makes a cool design, I think.

Now I have to put the thing together and do the quilting. Yikes!