Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Monday, April 23, 2007

I want an alpaca farm

I decided today that 1) I need to take up knitting and 2) I need an alpaca farm.

What? You think that's a bit rash? Well, it'll be awhile before I'm willing to plunk down $30k for an animal, but I'm unable to stop myself from thinking about where to put my herd on the Montana property.

My mother-in-law's here and we wanted to show her around a bit -- and we stopped at an alpaca farm. We were there last fall, and some yearnings arose even then, but today they displaced all rational thought.

Have you ever felt an alpaca, gently rested your hand on its fleece? It's like plunging your fingers into shredded silk. Of course, they look absurd once they've been sheared, like little stick figure animals. But they're incredibly gentle, and quite happy to see you, if a little dippy. They actually remind me of some dogs I've owned. That might be my only problem with an alpaca farm -- I'd be quite tempted to let them inside, and then I'd end up with alpaca turds on my carpet.

Perhaps they can be housebroken?


kris said...

That is the cutest face ever!! But alpaca turds on the carpet... hmmm - maybe rethink that one :) You're so lucky you have a place already for your alpaca. I want a farm with fields of wild flowers - and a sun drenched yard full of roses and peonies. At least you have the property already!

Trailhead said...

Isn't he just darling? He was just as sweet as he looks, too. And you're right -- I am really lucky to have a place where I could actually consider keeping an alpaca! Now if I could just get out there...