Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Climate activism

Yesterday morning we participated in one of the actions sponsored by Step it Up 2007. We all met up at a church here in town, and marched to the Willamette River, where Focus the Nation was doing a polar bear plunge (to call attention to the plight of both polar bears and the Willamette River.) We all carried signs that read "Step it Up Congress! Cut carbon 80% by 2050." We got many supportive horn honks on our march, and only one thumbs-down. (Can you believe someone actually gave us a thumbs down? Yeah, I know, me too.)

There was a good crowd when we reached the park above the river.

Time for the plunge. Little chilly there?

Here goes:

Getting the hell out:

I didn't plunge, in part because I was kind of confused who was sponsoring what, and I signed up late. I probably would have if I'd had more notice, and time to psych myself up.

But it was a good day anyway, and it was Trailhead Kid's first real activist event. I remember when I was six years old, I had decided that Jimmy Carter was my candidate. So my dad took me and my brother down to a park in Indianapolis where he was speaking. He lifted me onto his shoulders and I hoisted my "Jimmy Carter for President" sign into the air. So I'm merely continuing a family tradition of early activism.

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