Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pieces of Montana

While it may be said -- and has been -- that the entire blogging endeavor is an exercise in rank narcissism, I hereby institute a new series that reaches previously unachieved degrees of self-indulgence. Ever since a friend from South China gave me a digital video camera, I've been recording bits of pieces of the my world. Thus, the inauguration of the "Pieces of" series.

Our corral was a veritable Deer Thoroughfare this Christmas. This was particularly nice given that we saw none over Thanksgiving. It was hunting season then, and they made themselves scarce. But last week, they held several deer meetups in my corral at various times of day. In summer, I can get pretty close to them, but they were brooking no human foolishness this close to the end of hunting season. So I captured the footage through the glass. And, alas, you can tell.

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