Dozing polar bear, Indianapolis Zoo

Monday, October 30, 2006

What do I know?

I don't know enough.

I don't know nearly enough, but I do know what I love. I love the smell of my backpack -- a cross between sweat and the cinnamon raisin bagels that keep so well on a long trip -- and the feel of trail under my boots. I love the sight of one diamond drop clinging to the end of my paddle, then leaping off and joining the water with a barely perceptible plink. I love the frisson of mild fear as I fall asleep in bear country.

I love the call of a loon just after dark.

I know a little bit about protecting what I love, but I don't know enough. I know a bit about carbon footprints and the ecology of commerce, and I know that clearcuts erode more than just the spirit and that recycling doesn't cut it.

But I don't know deeply, and I don't know enough. So for now, I'm long on sentiment and short on expertise. But all learning starts with love, really. Shall we get started?


Dave said...

Not knowing is always the best place to start - maybe the best place to end up, too.

Trailhead said...

Agreed, Dave, with respect to both propositions.